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Hello guys, When I run fast with my character, during utani hur, the movement is really laggy. I think it is a keyboard issue beacouse during mapclick my char does not lag. What setting will stop this issue? I have put the keyboard delay to 0ms in Tibia client, but that doesn't seem to work. My keyboard is Razer Black Widow 2013. My OS keyboard options look like this:


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any update?

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I suggest you move both those settings all the way to the right but that would make it so that the key repeats way faster. If you hold down your keys for a while the reason you lag is because the repeat delay is slow.  My Keyboard Delay on Tibia is also 0ms, I'm level 570 and this works for me but it depends on the person of course. PS: Also your Razer keyboard tool or software might have an option for "low latency" or "smoothing" options enabled which could cause this issue. Let us know an update.

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