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I own a Hireling and I'd like some of my premium account friends to use it. I was wondering if there's a way to let them use it without letting them inside of my house?

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Among some of our friends there was a kind of solution. It's not exactly "not inviting" but there are certain houses like, for instance, Harbour Place 1 (Shop), which have this little bar in the middle (act as another door, so to speak). People cant pass through it when it's closed and they don't have the privilege to open it, but they can still interact with the Dummy or the Hireling. 


There are many other houses like this one.

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You can also create  a "bar" made of people sleeping in beds, since only the owner can kick the sleeping people, so you put a bed, put a maker to sleep there, and people wont pass by...
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I had no idea! That's brilliant :D
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Woo thats a good idea
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I cannot guarantee for sure but... for private dummies to be used, player needs to be in Protection Zone.

So, for an example, that house right next to Thais depot (left of depot <- ), I have seen the house owner put his dummy in his door, and someone in the depot training ML, from distance, but not from inside the house, from the depot's protection zone.

Maybe with Hirelings that would work as well, but I have no way to test it right now, so all I can do is speculate...

What I do know is: hireling will not answer to a Neighbour through a wall. Even if that neighbour is invited. Maybe it is because the wall "blocks" the sound and the hireling won't listen, which is a weird mechanism, because we can talk to other NPC from behind the walls.

That makes me think that it is not possible to talk to Hirelings unless you are in his owner's house.

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