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So in the store you can get a hireling whom is like a npc for your home. I was curious if theres a way to mute my hireling or control what she says? Ps: Shes named after my main character exactly.
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add in the title that your hireling has the same name as you! This makes the problem more complex to solve.

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Yes, you are. Just copy name and add it to your ignore list. In npc chat it will works, but in local chat gonna be lovely silent. You can do same with normal npc. :)
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If wont work cuz she have same name as u, u wont be able to do it somehow but with diffrent names it works cuz i muted my npc :)
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i was able to ignore her but then it also ignored me :( but it's true i was able to still talk with her in npc chat it didn't ignore her there, i could see what she was typing.