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If, say, a guild wants to change guild houses, would the hirelings be transferable to the other house?

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Yes, Hirelings are transferable to another house (only the house owner's Hireling will be able to be used). Once you lose a house or move out of your house without transferring all your items go back to your inbox. However, if you transfer a house to someone else all items (besides store items) will be transferred to the other player, but store items don't get sent to the other player they remain with you.
Hirelings aren't destructible and will be able to be used for future houses. When you click on your Hireling it actually appears as a Hireling Lamp.gif Hireling lamp inside of your store box :) You will not lose your Hireling, it's indestructible and no one is allowed to steal him.

Thanks a lot!  Good to know