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When you are in a team hunt party and you are close to your partners you are able to see their hp and mana on the party list. But sometimes when you are far away from them, you can't. So how far is this distance?

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I have just checked and it is exactly 30 sqm: No matter if it is Horizotally, vertically or indiagonal

About Floors, you can only see it if you are 1 floor of difference with yout partners:

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image 3.6.3 Party List

If your account has Premium status, you can use this button to open the party list. Here you will see a list of all characters and their summons that are currently with you in a party. The list includes a miniature version of the character. If a character is no more than 30 fields away from you, you can also see the character's health status bar, mana and possible skull marks.
If you click on the arrow button image, six symbols will appear on top of the battle list. Each symbol stands for a certain group: players, knights, paladins, druids, sorcerers and summons. For each group you can select if you like to show or hide its members in your party list.
If you click on the list button image on top, a further menu will open up. Here you can change the name of this list and decide how to sort the creatures shown in your party list by certain criteria: display time, distance, hit points and name.

Taken directly from Tibia's manual: