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As title says, what is the best spot to complete Flying Book bestiary?

The only respawn of this book I know is at Fire Library, here: 

Is there a better spot? Fast respawn is coming and I really want to finish this book!

Would be nice if theres a place with more than 1 !!

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What else do I need to add to my answer to help in your desicion of Selecting it?

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there's only 2 or 3 places where this monster spawns:

-1 In the fire court, where you took your ss, it spawns with a Guardian of tales
-1 In the energy court, which is too hardcore as it spawns in the middle of around 10 knowledge elementals
-1 somewhere around the ice court which is also a tricky/difficult area

with that being said the easiest one is the fire one which respawns every 3 to 5 minutes, since its not hard to deal with the other only moster that shows up with it.