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I'm curious to know if anyone has tried to using the Library Ticket on a Memory of a Book to obtain the mount Flying Book? Is it possible?

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No, you  can not.

It only works on the actual book, not on the memories of them.
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Is a screenshot really a necessity to believe you can not tame a memory of  a book, a monster with a different name and in-game ID with an item used for an already specified monster?
I've already used mine by now, so I wont be supplying a SS.
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So this means you never tried?
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Hi Audacious, I have hidden your previous comment as it was unnecessary. It is quite common on this site to provide proof and sources in your answer. Even if you know the answer in game and it is obvious to you it is helpful to provide a source to a site online to back that up. Or if you have a screenshot to show something. You could have stated that you have tried in game but unfortunately do not have a screenshot of the process would have been sufficient without the rest of your rant.
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Hello. You can't, (can only be tamed using the library ticket in the flying book) No in the memory of a book. You can find flying book  completing secret librery quest
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Did you try this? Screenshot please!