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This achievement is obtainable by completing the Mend What's Broken task of the Roshamuul Quest 34 times (freeing 102 Shimmying Butterflies).

Mu questions are:

  • How long does it take to get this achievements?
  • How long i need to wait if I fail summon ?
  • What is the chance to summon instead of ?

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When you start doing this quest, make sure to prepare a lot of broken dreams , since you will use quite many.

Our goal is to summon three times this cute shimmying butterfly . But it doesn't always work, so we might need to try several times during one mission. In order to summon it, you need to click the broken dream on a half-buried face, the outcome might be as follows:

- the broken dream breaks,

- you summon a Nightmare,

- you summon a butterfly.

Each mission can take a while, depending on your luck.

Source: Tibiopedia.pl

Several important information:

  • When you free a butterfly, you need to wait approx 3 minutes to try to use a broken dream on another face (the same goes for summoning a Nightmare, after that the cooldown is also 3min).
  • You can complete this mission again after around 2 hours. (So the whole achievement doesn't take so many days to complete if you are focused on the tasks).
  • When a broken dream breaks, you don't have a cooldown, you can try again.

*I couldn't find any info yet about the chance of summoning a nightmare instead of a butterfly. If someone has any info, please let me know!

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