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I remember the day when I wanted to make achievements with Clay Lumps unfortunately, it was difficult for me much more than ice mammoth or marble figurine [during The Colours of Magic too]. What are the chances of a Pretty Clay Statue?

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Clay Lump Using Clay Lump, 1299 trials.

ItemAmountPercentageTries to get 1
Nothing Nothing82963.82%2
Rough Clay Statue Rough Clay Statue33125.48%4
Clay Statue Clay Statue1199.16%11
Pretty Clay Statue Pretty Clay Statue201.54%65

This statistic isn't during the event "The coulours of magic". There aren't statistics during the event.

Look here:

What is the chance to sculpt beautiful marble statue from marble rock?

What are the chances to sculpting an ice mammoth?

If you compare statistic we can see that clay lump figurine is easier to do than ice mammoth, but clay figurine is harder than marble.

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aww lovely, thank you!