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What was the first Tibia Fansite? I'm talking about fansites recognized by Cipsoft, supported or promoted. If possible can you include the date of this fansite and if it's still running?

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According to the info I have found here:


Lehula is right - the first official fansite was TibiaBR.com which joined in 2003 to the program, and left it in 2017, but it is still active.

Next were Erig.net and TibiaMx in 2005. A lot of new fansites joined between 2007 and 2009.


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Any idea why TibiaRR left the program?
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I remember this moment when their left, but I don't know the reason. It wasn't said by Cipsoft in the newsticker.
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Well, I know that TibiaBR.com joined the Tibia fansite program in September 2003, in my mind they are the very first Tibia Fansite, now I have to say that I'm not 100% sure.