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I can't access the site, what is happening? I was at the Thais depot in Antica today and the char "Strona zablokowana" was saying something about this in world chat. I went into his profile and it said the following:

"Hello Tibian friends I am one of the founders of our Tibiabosses and unfortunately on 04/26/2022 they started to take down our site and unfortunately we are no longer getting an unstable connection with the host and for now we are unable to help you with our predictions and history and we apologize to everyone :( FOREVER YETIS

We are accepting donations."

Does anyone know what is going on?

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I am one of the members of the tibiabosses team. Actually we have some problems with the site but the character "Strona zablokowana" is certainly not one of us. It is just a scam. We also do not collect such donations. If you want to be in touch with us and follow what is happening with the site, the best way is to use our discord.

To answer your title question - We are having some problems with the hosting service and that is why the website is not working. We are working on solving the problem.
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Happy to see you are quick with news ticker:)
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I really admire your work. I've learned a lot through the site. I'm sorry for the situation and I hope everything gets resolved. <3