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I would like to know if a fansite could update the sprite if his respective fansite item, same as CIP use to do with  some items from the game.

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Everything within bounds of reason. No one will be endlessly correcting an item, however, in certain situations it is possible.

You can see the difference in shading on the example of Memory Box. I remember that Honourable Knight of Honera was not satisfied with the first version of his design and after some time it was corrected.


Midnight Panther Doll get some effects after using the item.

Golden Newspaper in it's first version has much slower animation with sparks and only in a "+" shape.

Note, that the only person who may ask for any change in graphics is admin of the fansite himself. Item creator can not ask for any corrections.

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Could it be that the images are bugged? The first 2 looks broken for me.
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Maybe it's again the issue with Tibia.Fandom. I'll edit and put a link, cus on their site the difference between "before" and "now" is nicely visible.
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Also, I remember when TibiaNation turned into TibiaJourney the Draken Doll's description was changed but the image remained the same.