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Some don't finish their quests and do it because of obtaining items (which can be obtained only once) or because they have access to, for example, making a def. What quests are worth leaving unfinished and why?

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  • Yalahar quest: until last mission to be able to active the last mission
  • Wrath of emperor: until mission 3, to be able to close the respawn where the keeper spawns (trap in PvP)
  • Wrath of emperor: until las mission to be able to active the ladder of the last mission
  • Treasure hunt quest: first mission only so you can enter several spots around Port Hope
  • Shadows of yalahar: until mission 6 so you can enter a room in the Factory quarter.
  • Anihilator quest: without taking reward so you can enter the ladder room once and other and other time.
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If you are playing on pvp server its good keep Yalahar Quest unfinished and Annihilator room.

Unfinished Yalahar quest let you use Globe which starts last mission of The Quest and noone can enter room then so you can lose there your skull for example.

Many ppl have done Annihilator quest so if you want run away from skulls or not much time left with your skull its good to hide there. But ofc dont go there with 15 min left cuz someone can  come there on noob character and keep your PZ. :)
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  • Krailos quest - Painting the Gourd, so you can pick a Voodoo Lily Pollen every 1 hours real life time 
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yes, not worth quest only for achievements ;p