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I want to start making sticks at Rottin Woodimage because I care about getting Hunting Horn image to tammed Boar. image I don't want to buy it because it's expensive in my world. What is the chance of getting it?

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I made this many times and I've never succeeded. I can say that it is very difficult. I finally bought, despite the high price.

Here is statics about this:

Rottin Wood Doing the Lucky Loop task, 745 trials.

Tries to get 1
Platinum Coin 5 Platinum Coins66388.99%2
Time Ring Time Ring + 3 Platinum Coins7710.34%10
Hunting Horn Hunting Horn50.67%149

[Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Rottin_Wood_and_the_Married_Men_Quest/Statistics]

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Its not that hard to get one but you need to make this task for at least 3 months
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3months daily it's "hard". maybe not "hard" more demanding time :P
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I already got hunting horn with 4 chars and it took less than 3 months in some chars and in some others 3 months was not enough so yeah this task demands time and patience but it’s not hard :p
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Can one Character obtain more than one Hunting Horn?