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Is there a limit to how many action bars I can add? For example right now I have 2 and I want to see if I can get more than 2 rows of action bars.

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No, you can't. 2 is the maximum.

On flash client it used to be possible to use vertical bars on the sides, but not on standard client, sadly.
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As TibiaFandom says you can only use 2 action bars in your client. Every bar has 50 slots what gives you 100 possibilities.

Currently, 2 Action Bars can be displayed on the bottom of the client, between the Game Window and the Chat Windows. The Action Bars can be hidden or displayed by opening the settings menu. Each bar has 50 slots available and each slot can be used to either send text, a Spell, use or equip an Item.

TibiaFandom - link

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Someone is making a revenge i guess XD 3 downvotes in 1 minute? :D
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I downvoted here as this is copy-paste from another fansite. Please see this for attributing the work: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/1248/how-to-properly-attribute-the-work-of-other-fansites
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Okay, then I've changed my answer a little.
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Also it would be great is everyone would say as you what is wrong with the answer.. Then I know what should I change :D