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Action bars are a pretty usefull tool on Tibia , how do you organize it to make it the best way possible? and why you do it on that way?

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This is how I have mine on my Master Sorcerer

Left phrases to Oberon boss , then Potions to see how many I am carrying , then son usefull spells and the summon , and after that I have all armors , legs and helmets to put it depending on the hunt we are and then runes rings and amulets. 

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This is how I use on all my characters:

Line 1: Rookstayer

Line 2: Low level seconds (All vocations)

Line 3: Knight

Line 4: Paladin

Line 5: Sorcerer

Line 6 and 7: Druid (Main Character)

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Wouldn't line 4 be for Paladin?
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Right, mistake ! edited
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hehe, ok so :) You got some phrases on the last line... What are they about?
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I use it regularly to sell mouthpieces of horn
Aand another to but one part of stone rhyno mount (Bought)