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Hello, I've seen today Heavy Ball in one house in Liberty Bay. Till now I was pretty sure that it's impossible to get it in other place than Folda. Even on Tibiopedia we can read that this ball can be bought onlyf from Npc Svenson.

 Anyone knows how to get this ball in other city than Folda? 

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Exactly as Skejcior said, Heavy Ball can be found in Corym Black Market in Liberty Bay.

Here is the map:

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Wanted make picture there but today someone pick it on Antica :c
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That was good advice, to post also screenshot from this place! Thanks!
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Thank you for the map :D I will take one today.
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It can be seen in the caves of the Corym Black Market.

The Corym Black Market is a dungeon below Liberty Bay, accessed through a Sewer Grate here. It houses a wide variety of creatures besides Corym.

Many Corym and people come here in order to trade. The money they make this way they often spend at the very same place by betting on fights between all kinds of different creatures. Those are usually kept in small jails and are transported to the fighting pit when needed.


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So it's impossible to get it in Thais for example? Only Folda and Liberty Bay?
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Imo its possible to have it in Liberty bay, Svargrond and on Senja If we would mean houses.
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Unless there would be a spawn on Mainland. Currently the only known places are Folda/Liberty Bay.