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With the Fire-Feathered Sea Serpent world change, we can obtain four orbs:

  •   The Orb of Earth Everpresent, the Mother of Worlds
  • The Orb of Darkness Eternal, the Ender of Time
  •   The Orb of Life Everchanging, the Child of Blood and Laughter
  • The Orb of Light Undying, the Father of Creation

The Orb of Light Undying provides very nice yellow light, which I would like to use as decoration. However, I already finished the quest, and used mine.

Is it possible to obtain more than one of each orbs, like other quest items with 20h cooldown or similar? Or is it stricte one per character?

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Achievement can be done only once to change the world. When you give all the orbs and someone overtakes you with the mission you can't give them a second time - the mission is updated, but when you change the world again you just have to pass the mission. This means that you can't re-enter the teleport where you put the balls away, so you can't re-create them.

I  think the orbs are temporary and disappear after ss or earlier. If you lose them, you can probably do them again, but you probably can't have them as a decoration.

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I saw them in few houses as decoration, I'm sure they are not dissapearing. My problem is, if I could get more of them with single character. I know only, that I can't repeat the mission with character that already has done the quest. Thank you for answer anyway!