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I saw these beautiful Orbs of Darkness Eternal in one house. I want to have same orbs in my house. How can I get them?

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You can find three types of orbs: Orb of Life Everchanging item  , Orb of Darkness Eternal item , Orb of Light Undying item . They are available in quest called: Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest. You can find them when: 3000 Seacrest Serpents monster have been killed across the server. World change will initiates. During this world change, Sea Serpents monster   and Seacrest Serpents monster  within the Seacrest Grounds will replace by Renegade Quaras. You can check number of killed Seacrest Serpents on  www.tibiabosses.com (Boss stats->Bosses kills counter->choose your server)

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Hello. You can get it from quest Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest