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I want enter on the test, what I need to do?

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Actually, you will need to use the option "Manage Clients" on your official Tibia Client, and select the Test Server Version. If you are invited to join it, you can log on the test website in order to post topics and contribute to the test server discussion, but it won't work if you attempt to install a new client from there. The permission to join it depends on each occasion, and you will be notified about being invited earlier. Usually by the end of the Test Server period, everyone is granted a chance to play it.

Just go to the option of "Manage Clients" on your regular Tibia Client and switch to the Test Server one. After the download of updates, you will be able to play it normally if you were previously invited to it.

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Can you edit this answer? The last part is not an answer, but a comment to another answer. I'd also modify the part that lists concrete positions (tutors, senators, etc.). Who is invited to the test server varies, and usually at the last few days, everyone is invited to join.
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Alright! I made the modifications!
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Joining the Test Server
To see if a test server is running, you can check the Official Tibia Homepage's News Section.

To join to the Test Server, you must download a "test" Client from the tibia test sever website (https://www.test.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=latestnews), with which you can login to the Test Servers, but not to any normal Server. You must install the Test Server client like the normal client, but you can have both clients on the same machine without any problem. Just remember to only log into one client at a time.

Test servers are divided into private and public:

Private Test Servers are mainly for reporting bugs, weaknesses and mistakes. Only CipSoft Members, Community Managers, Customer Support, Tutors, Senators and Fansite Representatives are invited. PvP is possible, but isn't allowed there unless people agree to attack each other.

Public Test Servers are available to everyone with a Tibia account. Although sometimes the public test servers are only open to Premium Account players. They are also for testing and reporting bugs, but many players treat it as a chance to kill others without losing anything in real Tibia.

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This looks like an outdated info. You don't have to download other/new clients to log into the test server anymore.
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The method that you described above, however, was common to see during the Test Servers from the past. Today we don't need to download a separate client anymore. I thought the same as you this Test Server edition, and I committed the mistake of trying to download the test client.
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