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When I saw the question about bestiary on mini world changes, I thinking how it is in the case of world changes. Are there any monsters that we can only do during world changes to bestiary?

Related question: Is there any monster from Mini-World changes part of bestiary?

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Isn't the same question?
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mini world and world changes isn't the same.  world changes depends by people mini world changes aren't.
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:o Oh! Interesting!

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Master's Voice - monsterDiamond Servant, monsterGolden Servant, monster Iron Servant also chance to kill mad_mage Mad mage which loot valuable mages_cap. 125 Charm points :)

Swamp Fever - feverish_citizen Feverish Citizen chance to get items for Afflicted Outfit obrazek  15 Charm points

Sea Serpent - "The Fire-Feathered Serpent is awake. Renegade Quara control the sunken regions of Oramond."

obrazekRenegade Quara Constrictor obrazekRenegade Quara Hydromancer obrazekRenegade Quara Mantassin obrazekRenegade Quara Pincher obrazek Renegade Quara Predator  125 charm points

Thornfire - thornfire_wolf Thornfire wolf, crystal_wolfCrystal wolf, Firestarter Firestarter, obrazekElf Overseer also chance to tame Crystal wolf by diapasonDiapason 165 charm points

Overhunting - white_deer White Deer and Starving Wolf Starving Wolf also Chance for tame White deer bygolden_fir_coneGolden Fir Cone. After killing 400 White Deers we gonna get Achievement "Deer Hunt".  20 charm points

Deeplings - manta_rayManta Rey, also I think there is only on stage 2 and 3 Deepling Tyrant Deepling Tyrant

We have chance to kill some bosses on stage 3 and tame Manta Rey by foxtailFoxtail. 75 charm points

Demon War - shaburak_prince Shaburak Prince, Askarak Prince Askarak Prince, Shaburak Lord Shaburak Lord, Askarak LordAskarak Lord. 100 charm points

Horses - monstermonstermonster  Horse, monsterWild Horse, also chance to tame wild horse by imageSugar oat. 25 charm points

HiveKollosKollos, SpidrisSpidris, Spidris EliteSpidris Elite, Hive OverseerHive Overseer, imageLady bug

Also chance to tame Lady bug by Four-Leaf CloverFour-Leaf Clover.  140 charm points

Insectoid Invasion - Insectoid ScoutInsectoid scout Charm Icon 15 charm points

Horestis / The Mummy's Curse - monsterGhoulish Hyaena,monsterTomb Servant, monsterSacred Spider, monsterClay Guardian,monsterGrave Guard,monsterDeath Priest,monsterSandstone Scorpion, monster Elder Mummy , also chance to tame Sandstone Scorpion by image Scorpion Sceptre. 200 Charm points

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Great research!
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In my opinion I wouldn't include mad mage here. Apparently it's a world change, but you can do it every day regardless of the stage. Are you sure deepling tyrant isn't on the normal stage? where did you find this information?
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You can do also tasks on hive or deeplings every day also u might kill shaburak demons or askarak to make Lords and Princess lel
Almost all of them depends on people.
Also as I said "I think" so Im not sure in 100% If there is or no Deeplnig Tyrant.  When I did the tasks, I don't think so he was there.
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Yes! many of then you can do in world changes :) here are list:

  • Manta Ray Deeplings
  • Shaburak Prince or Askarak Prince - Demon War
  •  Shaburak Lord or  Askarak Lord - Demon War
  • Wild Horse 3 types of normal horses - Horse Station
  • Lady Bug Kollos Hive Overseer Spidris Spidris Elite Hive
  • White Deer or Starving Wolf - Overhunting
  • Feverish Citizen - Swamp Fever
  • Thornfire wolf Crystal wolf Firestarter and the day after -  Elf Overseer 
  • Renegade Quaras (4types) - Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest
  • Ghoulish Hyaena Tomb Servant Death Priest Grave Guard Sandstone Scorpion Elder Mummy Sacred Spider - The mummy's curse

Reasons I don't add earlier:

  • Mad Mage with Servants Their Master's Voice World Change - you can do this many times in day, without world change. Apparently it is a world change, but it is not dependent and can be done at any time.
  • Insectoid Scout from Insectoid Invasionit's also like world change, but it should be mini world change. It is important to get the village back to normal, but you can't make this invasion happen.
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You are wrong with additional information about Lady Bugs. Lady bugs are on stage 3, with stage 3 you can kill every monster on hive.(dont mean bosses like Maw etc.) You dont need pass green barrier. :)
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I thought of gray island only, I forgot that on this second hive these monsters are also. In that case, I'll edit my answer.