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I wonder what happens when you are rooking a character. I heard about the possibility of re-doing achievement, e.g. in secret service, so quests will definitely be canceled. what about outfits and mounts?

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They disappear but u save your achievments.

One guy on Antica have comment:

Hacked and rooked to level 3 on 14-03-2016. Lost ferumbras hat, But still have Alumni achievement.  - Hekslord

As we can see he have highlighted achievement Aluani on website. :)

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omg, this broken my heart probably XD
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my main concern now is about the Gold Outfit... Is it possible to lose it?
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You will lose all of your mounts and most outfits that you didn't purchase in the store. If you purchase something from the store you keep it on your character no matter if it's rooked. However, I said most outfits because there's 3 exceptions.

You can keep your Wedding outfit as long as your not divorced according to this TibiaQA source:


Also, you can keep the Recruiter Outfit if you qualified by using Tell-A-Friend.

Lastly you'll keep the Golden Outfit and here's a reply from Cipsoft on the official forums:

.....You do not lose your Golden Outfit when rooked and the Display will be sent to your depot's inbox when you lose your house.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4767812&pagenumber=3

Further, a character will keep all its achievements, and also all outfits and mounts that were bought in the Store. Items stored in depots will not be deleted. Characters can access them once they are on the main continent again.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/support/?subtopic=gethelp&entryid=81

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wait a second.... what about the Golden Outfit? You can lose the Golden Outfit?
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