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As the main question already says, what is the creature with the highest armor in Tibia? Please consider only regular creatures.

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You can check the armor of a creature by unlocking the first stage of a creature in your bestiary. If you don't have that stage done it will appear as a ? and you won't know what the armor is. A way to go around this will be by checking out one of Tibia's prized fansites, Tibia Fandom. They actually have a Bestiary Simulator which displays a fully unlocked bestiary (all stages you can unlock including loot). Here's a link if your curious: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Bestiary/Simulator

Based on my research and thanks to the Bestiary the only creatures we can verify as the highest armor are:

imageModified Gnarlhound with 200 armor
imageOgre Ruffian with 102 armor

imageEvil Prospector with 100 armor

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