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What is the history back of the Ferumbras' Hat? and Why is a Item so valuable if it can be looted 2 times per year for each server or even more?

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Its value is so high because it can only be looted about twice a year per server. Required as an addon for 2 different outfits.  The restriction of moving items to different worlds and the merging of worlds that happened in 2017 all contributed to making this a much harder item to get. This is what makes the item so valuable.  Low Supply and High Demand

The history of the Hat itself... well monetarily it has increased in value throughout its time in Tibia, as people had more money they would pay more for it, increasing rapidly until a spawning issue in 2013 was fixed which slowed its value increase but still it increased. Then increased faster after 2017.

Non monetary wise - Its Ferumbras' hat. Sorcerer's are known for their hats. If you have his hat you killed him

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This is proof of the fall of Ferumbras. Edron Magic Academy will definitely be interested in this. Needed for the task in addition to the outfit for women and men.

source: https://www.tibia-wiki.net/wiki/Ferumbras%27_Hat

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