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As people may know, you can obtain Full Recruiter Outfit by inviting players to join.

But what is the best way? I know its a weird question, but I don't have friends interested in Tibia that don't already play.

Can you invite back old players (accounts that have not been used in many years, e.g. 2004~) to count towards points?

Could I invite myself, and create a new account (yes, I know I would have to make a purchase)
Also, if I invite myself 10 times, making 10 accounts (ugh). Could I make all the purchases on one account, or do they need to be on all 10 separate accounts to register for Full outfit?

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It would require 10 new accounts that you invited making purchases. Returning players dont count as they are already in the system, but if they havent played since 2004 I very much doubt their accounts are active and have most likely been deleted (speaking from experience)

You could in theory start 10 new accounts but each account would need to make a separate purchase for you to qualify for the Recruiter outfit with both addons

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well if they had premium time at least once in their lifetime, they cannot be deleted due to a Cipsoft decision from some years ago. But I agree that they can be potentially unreacheable from email invites due to using old email accounts more than a decade old that they stopped using at some point in the past.
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I had premium time ( got a shield of honor for it too ) and my account was deleted
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:o this is very sad to hear! Just curious, are you participating in the legendary picture with several chars in Edron talking with Guido before receiving the shield?
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No, not me. Just got it as part of the promotion at the time