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I heard rumours about Target Dummy where you could enter after you had done Shadows of Yalahar Quest. 

  • Why was it deleted from the game?
  • Where it was located?
  • How exactly did it work?

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Target Dummies

  • Why were Target Dummies deleted? They were deleted due to the introduction of offline training and how they've always been "controversial" due to the botting issue. Cipsoft was trying to do more of an anti-cheating-measure.

Update on July 11 2012: The introduction of offline training will also bring along a change of one of the rewards for completing the Shadows of Yalahar quest, namely target dummies. Target dummies have been a controversially discussed feature ever since they were implemented. We want to address the feedback we received on this topic by removing target dummies from the game and providing offline training instead, a convenient way to sharpen skills which is available to all premium players.

Consequently, Telas' laboratory will be cleaned of target dummies with the summer update. Players who completed the Shadows of Yalahar quest will then find some gnarling creatures down there, and a special tool to ensure that they leave the room on the back of one of these hairy beasts.

  • Where was Target Dummies located? Formerly Edron, south of Stonehome, deep under Telas's house.

Modified GnarlhoundWhere the Target Dummies were got replaced with Modified Gnarlhounds in Telas' basement. You can tame them by using a Golem Wrench. The respawn cannot be blocked. Some players will train on them still as they have high armor, but not really immune to physical attack.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Modified_Gnarlhound

Additional Source on where you can find the Target Dummies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mudbBusJ_5M

  • How exactly did Target Dummies work: Target Dummies didn't attack you and also would heal themselves. All you had to do was just attack the Target Dummies with whatever you prefer. Most players would also use Spellwands from the NPC Hoaxette to train their shielding.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Target_Dummy

Additional fact regarding Training Dummies:

> The Target Dummies of the kings day mini world change
> too will be removed?

Yes, they will be replaced by training statues which will work exactly like the training statues in training schools.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=33095789#post33095789


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Wow! I love your answer!  Very good research:)