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This is a question inspired by Spaldix's question

was wondering if anyone knew of or could make a list of the Creatures/Monsters that have the ability to change your form into something else?

Any help is much appreciated

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I'm unable to find a list of monsters that change you into something else. So here's a list of creatures that I know change your appearance and what they change you into (Just bare with me I'm editing as I go):

CreatureTransforms you into...
MedusaMedusaStone Statue
MedusaGorgoStone Statue
Serpent SpawnSerpent SpawnWorm
Serpent SpawnThe Noxious SpawnWorm
Witch WitchGreen Frog
Oodok WitchmasterDworc Voodoo MasterChicken
Oodok WitchmasterOodok WitchmasterChicken
Ogre ShamanOgre ShamanChicken
Piñata DragonPinata DragonChicken
Dark ApprenticeDark ApprenticeCyclops, Broom
The Halloween HareThe Halloween HareVampireGhostWitchSkeletonMummyPumpkin head, Phantasm, Pirate Skeleton, Dark Torturer, Blightwalker and Spectre 
The Mutated PumpkinThe Mutated PumpkinThe Mutated Pumpkin
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Yeah, I forgot about all monsters on Grimvale! :D Good job!
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This are all monsters I found:

  1.  Incredibly Old Witch - can change you into a , , , , , , , or
  2.   Putrid Mummy - can change you into
  3.  War golem - can change you into
  4.  Medusa - can change you into stone statue
  5. Gorgo - turns you also in stone statue
  6. Serpent Spawn - can change you into
  7.  Blue Djin - turns you into
  8.  Efreet - turn you into
  9. Green Djin - turns you into
  10. Dark Apprentice - turns you into  and
  11.  Rahemos -  turns you into
  12. Ice Witch - can change you into  
  13.  Zushuka - can change you into  
  14.  Ugly monster - turn you into  
  15.  Dworc Voodoomaster - turns you into (?)
  16. Pooka - turns you into  
  17.  Werewofl turns you into 
  18.  Ogre Shaman turns you into 
TibiaFandom - link 
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I gave you both an upvote because together you have a great answer