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Me and my brother are playing like almost every day and usually go lava lurker and make like 1.2kk/h is there other place where we can do better or around that just to vary

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Ravenous Lava Lurker Ravenous Lava Lurker is best monster for duo hunt on tibia to level 250.IMO

I don't know how you make so low exp/h there. But try improve that by mastermind potions luring more monsters and hide behind parcels, also use UE every cooldown.

You can try Medusa Medusa and Serpent SpawnSerpent Spawn by Sudden death runes on Talahu island. (Goroma one)

If you really don't care about money you can go Issavi on Crypt WardenCrypt Warden and Sphinx Sphinx.

There is kinda guide about that spawn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O_NDGWNmAk&

Another good spawn is on Edron or Carlin. I mean Edron Hero Fortress and Carlin Cults.

Fortress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2orPoxXrLk

You can also try 2 seals on INQ with Spectres and Hellfire Fighters.


Or Lizard City


Oramond west


Remember to use waves and spells as many as you can to improve your magic level because hunting with runes is not good at all.