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I want to on which monsters can we use Convince Creature Rune. Is there any special group of monsters? Or can we use it on any creature we want?

I know that we can use this runes on Rift Fragments while we are killing Ferumbras Mortal Shell and on Deathbeast when we face Hellgorak. 

What are the other monsters on which we can use this runes? 

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Convince Creature

Convinced creatures are very similar to summoned ones, the only differences are:

  • You need to use a rune on a living creature to convince it.
  • Convinced creatures drop loot, while summons do not.

Convince requirements

In order to convince a creature, you must first have a rune, then, you must have enough mana to be able to convince the creature. Mana requirements are:

200Skunk, Rat, Badger301612
220Chicken, Rabbit, Silver Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Squirrel, Enraged Squirrel, Thieving Squirrel341713
250Black Sheep, Sheep, Flamingo, Green Frog, Parrot, Seagull, Bat, Cave Rat, Bug, Sandcrawler401914
255Pig, Wolf411914
260Deer, Winter Wolf422014
290Penguin, Island Troll, Troll, Goblin482215
300Frost Troll, Bear, Panda, Orc, Skeleton, Crazed Beggar502215
305Azure Frog,[1] Coral Frog,[1] Crimson Frog,[1] Orchid Frog,[1] Crab, Rotworm,[1] Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Windcaller512316
310Goblin Scavenger,[1] Orc Spearman522316
315Polar Bear532316
320Lion, Elf,[1] Dwarf542416
340Troll Champion582517
350Crocodile, Skeleton Warrior602617
360Orc Warrior, Goblin Assassin,[1] Dwarf Soldier, Elf Scout[1]622617
380Carrion Worm[1]662818
390Smuggler, Amazon, Minotaur Archer682818
420Husky, Tiger, War Wolf,[1] Dwarf Miner, Wild Warrior, Nomad743019
435Grave Robber[1]773120
450Bandit, Crypt Defiler, Gang Member,[1] Barbarian Headsplitter,[1] Ghoul, Barbarian Skullhunter,[1] Valkyrie, Assassin[1]803220
465Boar, Gnarlhound833321
480Dark Monk,[1] Quara Mantassin[1]863421
490Orc Rider,[1] Pirate Marauder,[1] Corym Charlatan, Cyclops, Frost Giant,[1] Frost Giantess, Terror Bird, Thornback Tortoise,[1] Orc Marauder[1]883522
500Elephant, Mammoth,[1] Terrified Elephant[1]903622
505Blood Crab, Terramite913622
525Cyclops Drone[1]953723
530Poacher,[1] Fire Devil, Hunter[1]963823
550Minotaur Guard1003924
560Lizard Sentinel[1]1024024
580Crypt Shambler[1]1064125
590Stone Golem, Orc Berserker, Barbarian Bloodwalker[1]1084225
595Pirate Buccaneer[1]1094225
620Demon Skeleton, Undead Minion[2]1144426
640Orc Leader1184527
650Dwarf Guard1204627
690Fire Elemental1284828
695Cyclops Smith,[1] Corym Skirmisher[1]1294929
775Pirate Corsair[1]1455432

*1) Can only be convinced

*2) No Longer in game

SOURCE: TibiaFandom

Since when are dreadbeasts no longer in the game?