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There are a lot of places to farm creature products to imbue with Free Accounts. But my question goes directly to the a point of view to get money, with this I mean, ┬┐which are the best places that usually give more creature products more frequently?. Or, in case doenst have no much frecuence but when you drop it the balance just go up.

I will apreciate if you can make a list from the loot most expensive with high frequence to the low frequence and cheap but worth for the quantity.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the way this question could be a duplicate to this question https://www.tibiaqa.com/9792/what-are-the-easiest-imbuements-items-to-collect-as-a-free-accouns because of the subject and also how you have identical wording in your body- "which are the best places that usually give more creature products more frequently?" what you could change is removing this and changing your question from "What are the best places for free accounts to farm imbuements items" to "What are the best imbuement items to farm as a free account for profit?"I don't think it would be considered a duplicate then.
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Great! Thanks for the warning.
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So you mean creature products that can give you the most profit for free accounts? Is this imbuement creature products only or all creature products that a free account can loot? Just want to make sure I understand :)
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I means which are the creature products that maybe are no so expensive but they have high chance to drop, so can be farmed easily than others that are more expensives but with less chance to drop, so in the end the cheapest creature products, generate more profits than the "rare" creature product, I hope you have been able to explain.

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There are many creature products that people hunt for money. An easy way to see what is selling is by scanning the market. I have found that elven hooves from forest furys sell well. Belts from dark monks too.

In premmy land, vampire teeth, sabretooths, belts from nomads, monks, cultists, turtle shells and bloody pincers seem to be well hunted.

Also spider silks from ga and crystal spiders but they dont often.

Chicken feathers are really easy to get as well as medicine pouches from swamp trolls.

These are just a few. You get the idea.
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Hey, Noratia! Thanks for your answer! I believe that Turtle Shells are a bit hard to get IMO. You can please make a list of that of those creature products you mention from the more high drop chance/cheap price to the more rare chance /expensive price will be amazing!.
Thanks in advance.
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So Im on Nefara and this price list is based on our market as of today. As you know, market prices fluctuate constantly.
Heres a list of creature products
acorns from squirrels. located in spawns of 1-3 all over. diffciult to get at times because they run really fast
ape fur from apes. premmy only. doesnt drop often. sells for 8k
bear paws. drop fairly often. lootable from bears and werebears. sells for 900
bonelord eyes. doesnt drop often. there are a couple good spawns to farm them worth about 2k
chicken feathers. drop often. hard to find chickens, but if you run around, youll find them in towns. sell for 1600
cobra tongue, drops once in awhile, sells for 800
pirate bits, rarely drop but sell for 5k
holy orchids from elf arcanists, drop once in awhile, sell for 5-6k
honeycombs from wasps, bears and werebears. drop often from wasps, sell for 2k
orc tooth, orcs are easy to kill, teeth are easy to get, sell for 500
polar bear paw, sell for 5k, premmy only
rope belts from nomads and monks, easy drops, sell for 2k
sabretooth from mutated tiger, drops fairly often, premmy only, 3k
sandcrawler shell - these are hit or miss, sell for 4-6 k , premmy only
spider silk - from gs or crystal spider, rare drop, sells well, 8-10k
thick fur from mammoths, premmy only, sells for 900
turtle shells , rare drop 6k
vamp teeth, fairly good drop, also dust them 2k
winter wolf fur, drops often, 2k
wool from sheep, rare, 6k

this is not a full list. I am sure there is more but it give you a start. I noticed i forgot bloody pincers for example, they are usually around 5k.  if you hunt them with the turtles, you can do 100k before you get too bored
good luck looting.