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I know that when you attack a player you lose your adventurer's blessings. What happens if someone tries to kill you and you start beating him?

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Hi Tynusiiaa.

The Adventurer's Blessing is a blessing that protects against the death penalty in Open PvP combat. It was implemented in 10.55 with Dawnport.

It's impossible to lose this blessing in a self-defense scenario (by attacking/killing the attacker) in Dove Mode and White Hand Mode.

But if you try to attack pk's that didn't attack you directly the following red message will appears in your screen:

(Normal Mode): You disabled the secure mode! If you attack another player, you will lose your Adventurer's Blessing.

(Yellow Hand Mode / Red Fist Mode): You changed your PVP-Mode! If you attack another player, you will lose your Adventurer's Blessing.

Along with Dawnport, a new PvP blessing for Open PvP worlds will be available. The Adventurer's blessing will protect characters from any loss through a PvP death until they reach level 21. 

However, a character will lose the Adventurer's blessing if he attacks another player. The blessing cannot be bought but will be bestowed automatically upon all characters below level 21 that do not have a player kill in their history.

Sources: Dawnport Aug 21, 2014.  Adventurer's Blessing

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This bless was exclusively thought for Open PVP, to make it more of a fair environment for players that had recently left dawnport into mainland, this bless will protect you in every non-aggressive PvP environment (Dove mode/ white hand mode) so this means If the person hits you first and starts an aggression you are able to deffend yourself without losing your adventurers blessings, so yeah, self deffense mode is allowed. At any rate you will get a red warning message on your server log channel when you activate a PvP mode that will anulate the effects of this bless. Last but not least, remember you wil only be protected by it until level 21, after that you'll need regular blessings.