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Have You ever tried to defend against overwhelming enemy forces? There are only a few minutes to server save and You want to keep position and stay alive? Something went wrong during open battle and Your team is evacuating to a safe place?

It is some bridge? A deep cave? Maybe some high tower or a vast labyrinth?

Post an image of Your favorite defensive spot with an explanation - why it is so effective and your defensive tactic.
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Hope everyone has heard about Spartans and Thermopylae ;p My best spot was old 1 sqm venore dragon lair bridge (before update)

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My favorite places to stay save when I'm being pked, or I am the pk one, are these:

1) Ankrahmun:

This building allows you not to get trap even when you are in a low level character against high level ones.

2) Thais:

3) Oramond: In this town there are multiple places where you can trap yourself in such a way that only one person can attack you.

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The ankrahmun one sure is annoying but also very unsafe. With enough people they just follow and hold the sd button. Very good to survive for a few minutes to server save though.

The thais ones.. uh. Lighthouse surely is a lot safer than the burning tower. On top and bottom floor you can get pushed into a full trap so fast if the enemy knows what they are doing.

On oramond.. people can technically stack up to kill you. If there are enough EKs they will just swing you down with normal attacks. The last one used to be bugged, is it still? You couldn't even SD that spot from the one just south of there.
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You cant stack in retro pvp where I used to use it.
And you are right about the burning tower, but if it is about to survive some minutes.. it could make you do it.