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The Secret Library quest is actually the hardest quest to complete, the mini bosses that must to be killed before going to the final bosses are hard to kill and you have to know how to kill it because if you try to kill it randomly you will fail 100%.
So what is the best strategy to kill each boss?

Bosses are:



There are some old videos from the summer test server where people kills them "easily" but this is wrong because most of them have been changed and now the way to kill them is different so if you try the same strategy as the test server you wont complete it.

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This is the only boss that I have killed in this quest , I went with a team of 700ED , 550 EK , 600 RP , 550 MS(me) and a 380ED.
We killed it following the same strategy as the summer test server since I got the spoiler from people that in this case this boss have not been changed at all and the strategy is the same.

Example on how to kill it: English Video that shows how to kill Gorzindel
I think I can find a twitch video where Lokathmor is easily killed and where it shows how to kill it but I dont still have that video so for the moment I can only give Gorzindel.