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I finished The Lament part of the library access during the week with a couple of random people.

I noticed the leader made us took the items from the bosses portal without killing them.

The weird thing is that I was checking the wiki while doing the quest, and we didn't need any of the required items such as the red non-metallic armor.

We finished the lament part quite fast, around 20 mins. We didn't kill any boss nor didn't need the red armor. I also received the bone fiddle and the outfit when finishing the rest of the library access.

Does anyone know about this shortcut? I didn't pay enough attention to memorize the shortcut.

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If I understand the question you've asked, the items (Red clothing/armor, Silver Chimes and Perfume Flacon) are needed to defeat the bosses, otherwise the bosses are invincible.

But you don't need to kill them to get the items required to make the bone fiddle. You can just run into the room with The Diamond Blossom and grab the Piece of Ebony, then leave. You can completely ignore The Blazing Rose as you don't need the Perfume Flacon she drops for the Lily of the Night using this method.  You just run past Lily of the Night and grab the skull from the chest. This way you have all the items needed from these Bosses without fighting them.

There is some talk that this may be a bug that will later be fixed, but in the meantime, enjoy it while you can

Source for walkthrough using this method

I hope I got the gist of your question. GIve me some feedback if Ive missed the mark

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Thanks you so much1!!