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I was in Dawnport earlier and noticed I needed more potions but didn't have a lot of gold. I know Dawnport is meant for the short-term but what is the best thing to hunt or do to make a profit for the time being? This applies for Dawnport at any level.
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can you tell us what level you are
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For any level because you can only be here under level 20 but I'm currently level 14 on Dawnport

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Choose a knight profession, go ahead kill some meadow striders, drop longsword and dawnport is Yours. He has enought shield and atk to make u sure u easily lvl up and up. This means u also profit everywhere ;d

U can also choose sorcerer/druid and go search for meadow striders to drop longsword. Using spells as "exori infir vis" or "exori infir tera" with longsword on full attack is the fastest way to skip dawnport. But it has some risk, if You will be unlucky u can waste all potions and don't get the longsword. I have spent alot of time on dawnport making nobchars and IMO knight with longsword is the best option, the safest one for sure.
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I have more than 40 noobs charaters made in Danwport, and the best options to get fast level 8 is Mage, because you dont need any skill to hit every turn.