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I know they are in Warzone 4-6 but I want to know where they are the most? And how many are there? 

Is it worth killing Mole to the bestiary or is it a waste of time?

I think about it because I killed only 10. I killed them accidentally on the way to the bosses.

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According to tibiopedia.pl you can find Mole amond Warzone 4 and Warzone 6 areas.

In my opinion there is no good place to find this creature, because on Warzone 4 you can find only 4 of them:

While on Warzone 6 the situation looks even worse:

As you can see, there's only 3 of them here.

So in my opinion completing Mole position in bestiary is only for those who want to have literally everyrhing in their bestiary. If you don't care about this challange and you care only about points to make your game easier - skip it!

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I am slowly striving to unlock everything. I miss only a few monsters of easy difficulty. I think i will try with this one, because I can also get some experience and collect a device there. Thank you for the information :)
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How many moles should be killed in order to complete the bestiary?
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You need to kill 500 of them.
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I think its a waste of time without rapid spawn wait till rapid respawn and u can go hunt at wz 4 there are many charms u can make :)