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  1. Is there any quest that appears in Quest Log or achievement that can be only done on Rookgaard/Dawnport? 
  2. Is there a possibility to do, for example Dawnport Quest that I know appears in Quest Log and then move to Rookhaard and do rest quests/achievements that can be only done there and then move to the Mainland? 

Thanks for your help :)

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Several quests exist tbh, yet about achievement there was one when doing that quest of Rookgaard from 2013 perhaps?  I would search info about that

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You can do all Dawnport quests on level 9 or lower, and then teleport to Rookgaard. If you reach level 10, you will not be able to teleport to Rookgaard, even if you kill your character to level 9. In order to teleport, talk to NPC Inigo: hi -> Rookgaard -> yes -> yes.

On Rookgaard you can do all quests, then teleport to Mainland on level 8 or 9. On levels 1-7, and 10+ it's not possible.

List of Dawnport quests visible in the quest log:

- Dawnport Quest

List of Rookgaard quests visible in the quest log:

- The Rookie Guard Quest (the only quest you need to do on Rookgaard)

- Outfit and Addon Quests:

---------- Citizen Addon: Backpack (when you finish theaddon, it disappears from the quest log, you can also do this quest on Mainland)

---------- Citizen Addon: Feather Hat (when you finish theaddon, it disappears from the quest log, you can also do this quest on Mainland)

- The Beginning Quest (Tutorial Island quest, no longer possible to do this quest)

- Brave New World (when you skip Tutorial Island quests, no longer possible to do this quest)

Druid Outfit (paws) is NOT visible in the quest log on Rookgaard.

List of Island of Destiny quests visible in the quest log:

- Child of Destiny Quest

List of all Rookgaard quests (including ones not visible in the quest log):


Dawnport quest instructions:


Rookie Guard quest instructions:


Child of Destiny quest instructions:





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Exist. For Rookgaard we have The Rookie Guard Quest (main quest on the island) and for Dawnport we have the Dawnport Quest. Both are saved in the Mission Log. However nowadays it is not possible to obtain both quests due to the fact that the characters could only go from Dawnport to Rookgaard if they have not developed (gained levels) and the characters that go to Rookgaard cannot return to Dawnport and still about it from mainland the two main quests from the two islands remain in your log.
How about killing yourself and going back to rook for quest ?