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How can I get rid of this info list (marked by red square on the picture below) that appears when my premium is about to expire? Any way to remove it other than re-buying premium?

Also this info icon/list appears permanently on some free acounts, but on others it doesn't. What causes the difference?

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You never had any Premium time on this account before, right?

I ask that because I am with my main as a Free Account character, but since he had premium time in the past this icon isn't showing up.

However, I compared it to another account that never had any premium on it, and it indeed shows up right where you are showing. Unfortunately, you will only get rid of it after the first acquisition of premium time (but it will never appear again, as far as I know).

EDIT: I still need to test if buying something on store may remove this thing... However I will only be available to test it in the future.
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This icon is showing on my premium account every time the pacc is 3 days to expire. Now you made me realize, that on my secondary account which had pacc before, the icon isn't showing. However, on another free account that never had pacc, the icon is showing all the time.
This leads to a conclusion, that if you have pacc, the icon will show for the last 3 days of it and then disappear when you turn facc.  Needs testing.
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Interesting! I will pay attention to it next time!
I never realized that it would be showed to you when you had a few days left to expire it.

I will try to see if I can make it work on my accounts and test it... Thanks for the information!
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If you are free and you never got pacc it will display , if there is low remaining days to expire the pacc it will appear.