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Right now I have birthday cakes in my party room and I don't want anyone to eat these cakes as their anniversary cakes and special to me. I'm putting blueberries on top of them for right now but I don't think the blueberries look classy and it's noticeable that I put the blueberries there (looks good on the Meringue cake though). What other items do you recommend that I can put on these items or any other item rather to make sure players don't use or eat them? I'm looking for something small, cute, not noticeable but if noticeable kind of doesn't kill the vibe or look of the item underneath. Obviously it won't be perfect but maybe other ideas will help me better decorate, thanks.

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I also often have a problem with this and use milimalistic items. In my opinion the best are those that are not edible.

I recommend you to use these items:

• Glowing Rune  

Condensed Energy

• Small Ruby Small Amethyst Small Saphire Small Emerald Small Topaz 

• Small Enchanted Ruby Small Enchanted Amethyst Small Enchanted SaphireSmall Ench~ Emerald

For example :


asked Apr 12 by (4,006 points) Where is possible to find a Glowing Rune?
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totally forgot that blueberries were edible and it makes no sense to put them on top of something I don't want eaten. thank you for your response and multiple things I can use.
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Here you are, there are many other things, but I have mentioned the ones I most often use and which I see in the houses. If something else comes to my mind, of course I will add.
Yes, in my opinion, it makes no sense to put an edible object on the edible, and so you can eat two xD
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I would like to recommend you to use a  Miraculum, cuz they annimation make it dissapear and move constantly, and is a cheap item in case you want to buy it on market.

If you want to farm them, they are dropped by:  Crazed Winter Vanguard, Insane Siren,  Stalker.

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Ah yes, I almost forgot about this item. It's a nice option.