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Hi there! Starting tomorrow, a new server starts for the Tournament TRIUMPH, but I want to know if it is really worth participating, taking into account the Ticket Price/time used to up that account and all the supplies I will need to use.

Could someone tell me your experience in previous tournaments, in terms of time / money, was it really worth it?

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I've participated in the starter Tournament and the 1st actual Tournament and plan to do other Tournaments to come, my ticket has been paid for so far each time so it's worth it if you do well. There's a lot of thoughts going on that Tournaments are not worth it but let me tell you from my personal experience it's worth it to try at least once. Here are my opinions on the Tournaments pros and cons so you can see for yourself what my thoughts are. Sure, the price of the ticket can be intimidating but you never know how well you'll do, you might be surprised. I recommend creating a party for the Tournament, if your solo it will be more difficult. I have some Tournaments points I cannot wait to use for unique prizes that you can't necessarily put a price on. It's more than just the prizes, it's also the experience too, so keep that in mind.

Pros of the TournamentsCons of the Tournament

One of a kind prizes!

Time consuming, needless to say Tournaments are something you need to set aside time for.

Unique experience, you can't get this type of atmosphere in your regular game world.     

Repetitive- every tournament is different but for me it seems like the same thing sometimes.

Recognition if you do well

  • "The best three characters of each game world receive a gold, silver or bronze cup respectively
  • The names of the winners will be inscribed on a "Column of Tournament Heroes" which will be placed throughout the cities of Tibia. The names will be swapped out once new winners have been determined in a new Tournament.
  • The character names of the winners will be shown in gold in the "Friends" interface while they are offline. This applies to all first-ranked players across all Tournaments except the initial test Tournament."
Not sure how well you will rank so it might stress you out more than be fun.

Your next Tournament can be free depending on how well you do. So this could be your ticket in for next Tournament... "Characters ranked 11-200 have a chance to win a Tournament Ticket Voucher." Please note rewards change depending on the Tournament.

Have to be organized. You need to use your time and money wisely. You won't be set-up with starter equipment, spells, guidance. You need to think of your own game plan so I urge you to do this before you start to play. Make a list as to what equipment you'll get, what you're hunt, how you'll spend your money on spells and supplies.
Testing out your skills and experience to see how well you rank amongst other players. This can make you competitive or see how well you know how to manage your time and organize game play.Cost can be a problem for a lot of players as you do need to invest money to participate in a Tournament but your next Tournament could be free depending on how well you do.
Disadvantage if your a solo player as team players will still benefit from party bonus.

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