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As some of the Mysterious Ornate questers may know, the new item, monolith, is sending hidden message in binary code. The sequences are following:

01000111 01000001 01001100 01010100 01001000 01000101 01001110

01000001 01000101 01010010 01001001 01010100 01001000

01000010 01010011 01010100 01001000 00110100 01000101

Do you have any idea who or what Aerith could be? Galthen is pretty obvious, the third word doesn't make sense to me yet.

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Excellent question +1
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A really interesting question, I'm curious what will come of it ;>
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Ive got to ask. Are you sure the 3rd part is still binary?
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I'm pretty sure it is. I mean ... we already had weird binary answer (PLNSTRDR) which we had to write to an NPC to go through wall to fight Observing Eye. Maybe this has to be like this then.

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I think AERITH means Heart , and last words related to Bastesh , a place on Issavi where the goddes of the undersea lives , there are some books that talks about this. You can found it on the library of Issavi.

Also in test server there was some stairs to underwater on Issavi that after the test server got dissapeared. And there was some stories about a character that hides underwater. 

"Finally, Uman united with Sula, the sea, and that was the hour that Bastesh the Mistress of the Sea was conceived. She was exceedingly beautiful, and Uman and Fardos were sad when they saw her, for she reminded them of Tibiasula, Bastesh's divine ancestress. But alas! Her beauty would not last. When Fafnar, the vain sun goddess, beheld Bastesh, she exploded with jealousy and attacked her with all the fury of her injured pride. Deep sank her fiery claws into the frail body of the newly born goddess, and had it not been for the other gods she would have torn her apart. That was the moment Suon decided to punish his sister for her misdeeds, and as a just punishment she was sentenced to continue her flight eternally, fleeing across Tibia's skies from her brother's fury. Bastesh, however, never fully recovered from the terrible wounds inflicted on her by her jealous cousin. Her beauty was ruined forever almost as soon as it came to this world, but worse still were the scars she bore inside. She grew up to be shy and melancholic, preferring the quiet solitude of the ocean whose waters are said to be salty because of her ceaseless tears. However, even though she rarely communicated with the outside world her presence was revealed by an abundance of sea creatures that soon came to populate the ocean."  Text from book on Issavi
*Galthen went to Isaavi and he went missing according to Spectulus" Another hint we can find on Spectulus info.

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"Galthen <3 Bastesh" - well, we have some drama over here! I wonder what Scarlet would say! This is indeed very interesting. So... maybe this is continuation of some sort... Maybe we finished Planegazer, but it shows us some leads to cobra bastion, issavi... maybe in next update we will become some more informations about Bastesh. Thanks for your answer!!
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AERITH can be  Boss Arthei   https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Arthei
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