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In Tibia we've got different kind of floors. Sometimes we can notice that on some kind of grounds we can run faster (like on ice) or slower (I think that ground in Rathleton City is a good example).

So what are speed breakpoints which makes us run faster on a popular hunting places like:

  • Lost Souls (Jakundaf Desert)
  • Issavi Sewers
  • Issavi Sphinx/Crypt Wardens
  • Falcon Bastion ("falcon" room)
  • Juggernaut Seal
  • Plagirath Seal
  • Asuras

... feel free to give other examples if you know :)

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Very good question. I wish there would be official reply from Cipsoft for this one. A lot of my friends were always wondering about those speed breakpoints, including me.

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I am not not super familiar with how these breakpoints are calculated but I have seen this chart shared in multiple places. So unfortunately I can't say this is 100% accurate.


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it depends on your level, and see if have some monster that has paralyze, but about the run faster, I think the best place of ur question is Asura and Issavi.
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I think you don't understand my question :P I didn't ask on what depends speed boost, and where my character is the fastest. I wanted to know exact breakpoints on these particular places.