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Which fansite items are no longer obtainable due to the fansite not being around anymore. I currently have a Draken Doll and I know this item isn't obtainable anymore.
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Sad about replicas  :(
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I do not like replicas one bit tricks me on the market

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Item - Exfanstie

Abacus - Erig.net

Assassin Doll - TibiaBrasileiros.com

Bag of Oriental Spices - Tibia-Wiki.net

Bookworm Doll - TibiaLibrary.org

Cateroide's Doll - Cateroide.com.br

Doll of Durin The Almighty - TibiaBariloche

Dragon Eye - Tibia-Market

Draken Doll - TibiaJourney‎

Friendship Amulet - TibiaFriends

Frozen Heart - TibiaTr

Golden Falcon - TibiaBR

Golden Newspaper - TibiaNews

Imortus - Exhiti

Key of Numerous Locks - TibiaCz

Mathmaster Shield - TibiaStat

Medusa Skull - TibiaPic

Music Box (Tibia Space) - TibiaSpace

Noble Sword - Rookie.pl

Old Radio - Radio Tibia

The Mexcalibur - TibiaMx

TibiaHispano Emblem - TibiaHispano

Tibiacity Encyclopedia - TibiaCity

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Thanks so much!!!