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Hello, Can you help me with the best RP under 500 lvl charms setup on asuras mirror?

Which asura draining more mana (so dodge would be better) dawnfire or midnight?

Is parry worth using there or maybe low blow is much better? Thanks!

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Since I'm not playing RP, I asked my friend, experienced high level and it's what he said:

If you feel sure, and you're experienced player - use parry on Midnight Asura and Low Blow on Dawnfire Asura.

If you're just starting exp on Asura Mirror and feel somehow unsure - better is to use dodge on Midnight Asura and Low Blow on Dawnfire Asura.
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my same thoughts, I wrote my answer about the 'parry charm' before reading this, and this is the same exact example i gave xd
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Low Blow on dawnfire

Wound on midnight

Freeze on hellspawn

Poison on frostflower

My peak exp/h was 5.4 raw with this set
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Dodge is really controversial when it comes to asuras but I use Low Blow on Dawnfire because it is weak to physical and dodge on Midnight even if she doesn't have the strongest mana leech she has more attacks that do mana leach so more chances of dodging something.
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I would say to use Dodge at Midnight and Woud at Dawnfire, specially because I believe at lvl 500 ppl doean't have low blow yet.