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I recently came back to Tibia after a long time of inactivity, and wish to invest in a set that fits today's standards of what the best items would be for my character. I have enough old gold in my Tibia bank to afford just about any equipment set. I plan to continue in the Open PvP server that my character is currently in.
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Interested in this answer myself. Wish I had your problem on unlimited funds

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Helmet: Terra Helmet (Arm 9, +2 sword fighting, +5% physical and +5% earth, 1 slot). You can change to Cobra Hood at level 270
Armor: Ornate Chestplate (Arm 16, +3 shielding, +8% physical and 2 slots) or one of Cuirass (All 4 are Arm 18 +4 sword fighting, +8% the determined element but with 0 slots)
Legs: Fabulous Legs (Arm 9, +2 sword fighting, +4% physical and +2% fire)
Shield:Gnome Shield (Def 38, shielding +2, +6% physical, +8% energy, 1 slot) or Shield of Corruption (Def 36, +3 sword fighting, 1 slot)
Weapons: Cobra Sword (Atk 52, def 31+2, +3 sword fighting, 2 slots, 1 handed) or Umbral Master Slayer (Atk 54, def 35, +3 sword fighting, 2 slots, 2 handed), according to what you'll hunt, you can check out Winterblade, Summerblade, Gnome Sword (All 3 are 1 handed) and Tagralt Sword (2 Handed
Boots: Cobra Boots (Arm 3, +10 speed, +6% physical, 1 slot)
Amulets and Rings: Both Red Plasma, Collar you get +4 sword fighting and +5% physical and Ring you get +3 sword fighting and +3% physical, Rainbow Necklace (Arm 2, +3% physical +6% fire), The Cobra Amulet (Arm 4, +9% death), Foxtail Amulet (Arm 2, +5% physical)m Ring of Souls (Arm 0, +2% physical, +20% life drain)
Arrow Slot: Bone Fiddle (+5% life drain), Shining Sun Catcher (+5% fire), Gleaming Starlight Vial (+5% mana drain), Moon Mirror (+5% death)

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Could you please do some amendments:

Armor:  *- There are 4 Cuirass, not 3- all of them with Arm: 18. sword fighiting +4, +8% and -8% of other element

Weapons:* -  One headed weapons: Cobra Sword (Atk 52, def 31+2, +3 sword fighting, 2 slots)- , according to what you'll hunt, you can check out Winterblade, Summerblade( one handed weapons) and

Two handed weapon  Tagralt Sword;

Please add:

Gnome sword ( Atk 10 physical + 42 energy, Def: 29+ 3, sword fighting +2, protection energy + 6%, 2 slots)  One- handed weapon

Umbral Master Slayer ( Atk: 54, Def:35, sword fighting +3, 2 slots) Two- handed weapon

Amulets and Rings: Add The Cobra Amulet (Arm:4, Protection death +9%)and Foxtail Amulet (Arm: 2.  protection physical +5%)
Add Rainbow Necklace, Blister Ring, and move Ring of Souls
Arrow slot: Bone Fiddle, Shinning Sun Catcher, Gleaming Starlight Vial, Lit Moon Mirror

and I believe it will be Best answer to the Question
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Thanks for your comment, I'll add it up