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What are the most effective ways to make fast money in Tibia for free account players?
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You see there some tips also on how to get money easy in general on tibia

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Well, the basic and older one is to hunt. Find a hunt suitable for your level and skills where you can get a lot of rares and/or creature products. Some creature products are a lot more valuable nowadays that they can be used in weapons and armors imbuements.

Also, you can try something like "stock trade" on Tibia. You can buy Tibia Coins, useful creature products or items for x, then sell it for x+y. Some friends made tons of gold doing this.
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One word: Lootbag.

common practice on the past, doing a lootbag is a great way to increase your bank balance even nowadays.

There are many places on Mainland Free Area with tons of armors and weapons tossed on the ground already for you to pick, but on some places you will see the necessity to collect extra items from monsters and organize them on separated backpacks that you will need to push around on the ground, go to these places and start your lootbag if you want money:

Dwarven Mines (even hatchet and cooper shield can be good, but guards and soldiers area works better for good profits. You will have to pick chain armors, scale armors, dwarven shields and steel helmets)
Minotaurs (Mintwallin or Kazz Minos work both in a great way. They drop way too many heavy items like plate shields and maces)
Outlaw Camp and "easy" floors of Dark Cathedral (yes, you will get eventually brass armors and steel shields from outlaws spread around there, not to mention to an enormous quantity of very low value items that you probably will want to ignore)
Plains of Havoc (if you are strong enough, you will see a lot plenty of items that you can be interested on selling later, like plate legs, plate armors and two handed swords. But always pay attention when walking there)
Orc Fortress (halberds on berserk  are great to make a huge profit after a big hunting session, but there will be plenty heavy weight armors and weapons to pick)
Dragon Lairs (needless to say, you will have many xbows, broadswords and longswords after a day there. always get these to accomplish a better profit)
Elfs (bows, plate shields and longswords? I can take it)
Cycs and Undeads on Mount Sternum

And I guess that these ones are the best to cite here. Even on an Amazon Camp or on a Rotworm hunting you will realize that organizing surplus items on bps and bags on the ground and bringing it to a mailboxes or to your depot will help you to grow your income on tibian lands. And by the way, if you accomplish the Postman Quest as a Premium account, you will be able to use the Royal Mailboxes even as a free account later on :)

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Thanks to imbuements implemented to the game, free account and low level players have got powerful weapon against poverty - collecting items needed to imbuements.

The most valuable imbuements which almost every single player use:

Mana leech and Powerful Strike

That's give us certainty there will be high demand on market for items like rope belts and protective charms. Each of them is worth around 2-3k. That's long term pricing and won't go lower beacuse of bonuses it gives. For example basic mana leech should always be more valuable than 65k-90k (cost of imbuements).

There is fantastic spot to farm rope belts in Dark Cathedral, where we can meet massive amounts of dark monks. They are weak monsters and may be one-hitted by any knights with skills 60+. From my experience I can say that 100 knight with skills 70+ may get 100k+ per hour, what is insane profit for facc.

Amazon camp near Venore is also a good option. Not as profitable as Dark Cathedral, but still pretty good. You can farm protective charms there.

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Thanks for moving this here!
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Hi there

One of my recommendations to earn money with free player accounts is to hunt for bosses in the free zone, by creating several characters that will remain located where these bosses appear, so you only have to connect to that character and check if the boss is or no.

It is not necessary to review every minute, you can do it at intervals of an hour or two depending on your preference and during these intervals practice another activity to generate money, such as obtaining items for inbuements, hunting creatures.

For this I recommend you check the market and select the object that generates the most profit.

Below I leave you a list of these bosses for the first activity and the link to a similar answer with more detailed information, as well as a list of the creatures and their corresponding items for the second activity, luck and happy hunting




°AmazonAmazon  y valkyrie Valkyrie  =  ProtectiveCharmProtective Charm

°Monk Monk y  Dark_Monk Dark Monk =   Rope Belt Rope Belt

°Gloom Wolf Gloom Wolf = Gloom Wolf Fur Gloom Wolf Fur

°Orc shaman Orc Shaman  = Broken shamanic staff Broken Shamanic Staff

°Elder Forest Fury Elder Forest Fury.gif y Forest Fury Forest Fury.gif = Elven hoof Elven Hoof.gif

°Giant SpiderGiant Spider = Spider_Silk Spider Silk

°BonelordBonelord= Bonelord eye Bonelord Eye

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The best way to make money would be to either collect Imbuement items or Creature products for Outfits. You will have to check the price of these on your world to determine if they are worth it. Also, some of the more profitable spawns to hunt would either be StonerefinersDragons/Dragon Lords, or Giant Spiders in Free Account areas.


  • Rorc - Rorc Feather
  • Amazon, Valkyrie - Protective Charm
  • Gloom Wolf - Gloom Wolf Fur 
  • Elf scout - Elven Scouting Glass
  • Elf, Elf Scout, Elf Arcanist - Elvish Talisman 
  • Monk, Dark Monk - Rope Belt
  • Orc Shaman - Broken Shamanic Staff


  • Chicken - Chicken Feather
  • Bear, Wasp - Honeycomb 
  • Bat - Bat Wing
  • Elf Arcanist - Holy Orchid
  • Bear - Bear Paw
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Depends on what kind of pvp world You play, but check prices on market of "gloom wolf furs" dropped by Gloom Wolf, broken shamanic staff dropped by Orc Shaman, rest of imbueing items. Bonelord eyes, Honeycombs, mino cults.
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I can think some options with a different level of difficulty:

1- Imbuing Items: It's easy to get some items that are valuable, like Protective Charms from Amazons or Rope Belts from Monks.

2- Addon Items: You can hunt Giant Spiders in POH and get some Spider Silks that in general are valuable, or hunt Elf Arcanists to get Holy Orchids (at least on my world, they are very expensive)

3- Bosses: This one is hard, but if you have time it can be fun to search for someones. You can search for Demodras, Dharalion, The Old Widow etc. Here you can find all bosses that appears in free areas and their valuable loot.