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June is a month of Flowers in Tibia and during this period we can trade seeds and get Flower Pot from Rosemarie in Port Hope.

Is there a limit of how many Flower Pots I can have per char during this period? If there is, how many of them maximum I can get?

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There is no limit for exchanging SeedsSeeds for Flower Pots Flower Pot. As long as you have enough seeds for exchange ( you need 5 seeds to receive 1 flower pot) you can do it endlessly.

Pots are random and can grow one of the following


  • Unused flower 09 Dryad's Heart
  • Unused flower 07 Lizard Tongue
  • Unused flower 10 Midnight Bloom Flower
  • Unused flower 11 Ember Queen Flower
  • Finger Snapper (4th Stadium) Finger Snapper  
  • Fairy Dancer Fairy Dancer

Please note that you can obtain achievment Green Thumb Achievement Grade SymbolAchievement Grade Symbol (4 points) by growing 100 fully developed flowers!   

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You can get as many as you want, you just need to exchange Seeds by speaking to NPC Rosemaria.