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There are some outfits you can buy in the store with Tibia coins. I thought we used to be able to see what the outfit looked like for another gender in the store but it's not giving me that option anymore...or at least I can't remember how to see what an outfit looks like in another gender. For example, my character's female but I want to see what the outfit looks like in a male version. Is there a way to see what a Tibia Store outfit would look like for another gender in-game?

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I also once thought about how to check it because my character is also female. But I have more characters on the account and also male, so I logged into the character and in this way I checked what the male outfit looks like.

You might as well check the fan page :

Tibiopedia, TibiaFandom 

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I have a large gap of years in my Tibia knowledge so as to whether you could check a different genders look on an outfit in store, not sure.

How to do it in game, I would set up Fashion show on your game world, have people vote on the participants and have prizes for the contestants, maybe for who ever can display the most outfits
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TibiaFandom has an amazing tool called "Outfiter" where you can try different outfits, addon, change colors, add walking animations and even mounts!

TibiaFandom Outfiter