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I've tried playing paladin or knight and I simply don't like it. so I've starting playing both druid and sorcerer and raising them to the same level

I'm asking if it is a dumb idea to play both characters as main, I know druid has the edge now, but i fear that with some future update the will make sorcerer op again, also i love to TH in sorcerer as I just chill, but these hunts are hardly found.

any opinions of what should I do?

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Tricky one, al vocations are different. Sure both mage classes seem to be similar but in actual gaming, especially at higher levels the roles they take are just way too apart from each other. In Team hunts a good Druid should be able to keep his dps while maintaining the knight alive, this takes caring from part of the player; Sorceres on the other hand are there to burst down anything with their spells.
In my opinion not everyone is made to be a druid and not everyone to be a sorcerer. Taking myself as an example, i'm a good druid but when i play sorcerer i feel like i fall short on damage compared to when i'm on my ed, Same goes to a friend that's amazing at taking down waves with his spell rotations, he knows where to stand and how to move but when he tries to go druid, it ends up in all out mess.

Play the vocation you feel suits your gaming style better... You seem to like sorcerer way more than druids and base your doubts in the fact that "druids are better atm" something i don't agree on.
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In my opinion, you should play with the vocation you feel better. Don't mind if its "nerfed" for a while, its still the vocation you want to play and enjoy the game. Also, no problem if you want to level two or more characters.
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I love playing druid, but it is just too much attention during team hunts, I guess i'll keep playing both, one that i love and the other to chill
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Is better focus in one character but at the end you need do wherever you want if you want level 1-2 or 10 characters you can do it. But get one character "main" with good levels and the rest with less is good options.

EX. My main is my druid lvl 250, but I have knight, paladin and sorcer all lvl 105.