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I want to know what happens when you log off on Yasir's ship? I don't know if you get kicked off of his ship to somewhere else because he isn't online most days? I just am curious to know where..

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This depends on which ship you logout, if it’s in liberty bay that the ship only has a different look you will spawn in that same place but if you logout in carlin or ank you will be sent back to temple
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My answer was wrong. Ive asked in the forums and am awaiting a reply. Please dont log out on the ship and await what happens in case the bug from 2015 hasn't been fixed. Ill update asap

As of this time this might be the most relevant but havent confirmed it yet


Ill post the original source again that made me think (in error) this would have been fixed


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no, you're fine, and thanks for double-checking for us. I don't know if it's a bug or not. I presumed it was because he was here every now and then that it would be a logoff block but it's not.
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Thats kind of you to say. If I dont hear back from anyone on the boards hopefully someone else can answer if not, ill send a ticket in and if that doesnt work ill throw my 'sits doing nothing but training magic level' PC at it
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I think this issue was fixed, I logged out in yasir ship once in liberty bay and after server save I was in the same location but yasir wasn’t there